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Active Directory Share Folder User ACl login with space not working

We have 5 Thecus Linux NAS and recently we received 2 new N4910U-R.
These 2 new systems have a problem on the Shared Folder USER ACL, when editing permission for Active directory users with space on the login name.
For example:

Share Folder - TEST
Username1 (active directory): andrew neville
Username2 (Active directory): John.Smith

After aplying READ or WRITE or DENY a message informs "Success Edit Folders Sucessful" but no permissions are saved on Username1.

This error does not happen on the Thecus Linux NAS with older firmware

Both systems have the following Firmware:
N4910U-R version: 3.02.03

Is there any workaround or fix for these issues?


Rui Mota 
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your info, would you please submit ticket & CONF.BIN from let we check for you?
Dear Sirs,

Seems that OS7 V3.02.03 (Beta version) has many, many bugs, but we found a workaround for active directory ACL login errors.
NTFS share folder permissions enable us to use Active Directory login user name with space (example: "John Smith").


Rui Mota

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