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Printer Configuration
Should'nt this be saved somewhere?

What i mean is for example i dont use my printer alot so i switch it off.
If my NAS reboots the printer configuration is gone,if i turn it back on(printer) i need to edit the name again as it goes to usb-printer.

Should'nt the configuration be saved until i choose to delete it?

I realize i dont use it in a ideal enviroment like a office(where it would be on all the time) but if i did every NAS reboot or pwr loss the printer would need to be reconfigured and added again to all pc's as the existing configuration doesnt seem to work when this happens(status shows a cups error).I delete it and add it again as a new printer and it works until the next time.
Dear Sir,

Would you please specify NAS firmware version?
N4810 OS7 3.02.03
Dear Sir,

We tested Xerox Phaser 3140 with NAS firmware v3.02.04.17, even power off or reboot without this issue happen, please refer to following firmware download link:
Thks Yvon,this works better.

if i configure my printer and then shut it off and go back into external devices/printers it reverts to the default again(without me clicking refresh).
i assume its checking for the device when the page loads.

what does work now is if i add my printer and exit the external device screen and do not enter it again i can shut the printer off and turn it back on and i dont need to reconfigure it on my pc's seems to take a few minutes before i can print something after i turn the printer on as i get "printer error" msg in the print jobs but if i wait it will eventually work.

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