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Correct procedure for FIXING and expanding RAID5 set
Hi all,

Happy New Year!

I have a N7510:
  • 7 x 8TB HDDs which are on the HCL in a RAID5 configuration
  • One of the HDDs is degraded
  • It is currently switched off
So what I am planning to do is turn on N7510 AND THEN replace the degraded 8TB HDD with a 12TB HDD which is on the HCL (Seagate  ST12000VN0007 12TB IronWolf).

So then I will wait until the RAID is rebuilt.

Then I will replace each of the old 8TB HDDs with the new 12TB HDDs, waiting for the RAID to be rebuilt. (As they are out of warranty, etc.)

  1. Is this the correct procedure?
  2. Should I upgrade firmware after I replace the degraded HDD?
  3. I am assuming after I replace the 7 HDDs the capacity will got from 48TB to 72TB. Is that correct? There is no issue with EXT4 limit being reached?

Yes, that's procedure. Though it'll probably be next Christmas by the time you're done...expect a few days per HDD you replace.

After all HDDs are replaced, you can then Expand the RAID to take advantage of the bigger HDDs. EXT4 supports up to 1 Exabyte, so 72TB is OK.

As for the firmware, I don't know, I don't have a N7510: what your current version and what's been fixed in newer version? YMMV.
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Dear Sir,

Following FAQ steps for your reference:

How to rebuild a degraded RAID?

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