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Downgrade to OS5?
It seems like Thecus is backing off of support for OS7 on the N5550. I haven't used my N5550 for a little bit, so I haven't seen any problems myself. But reading the forum here it seems like there are stability issues. And it looks like there may be firmware updates to OS7 that didn't install when I did a firmware update.

A couple of questions. 

Has anyone done the downgrade procedure? Described here: Link
Has anyone seen any kind of "official" word from Thecus on the support of OS7 on the N5550?
Dear Sir,

Following link for your reference:
What is recommend method for OS7 beta experience
(11-11-2017, 07:08 AM)stageman Wrote: It seems like Thecus is backing off of support for OS7 on the N5550.

what do you mean? They do not answer your questions?
N5550 V2.05.08.20150416.cdv + 4G patch
2*4GB Corsair CMSO8GX3M2A1333C9 = 8GB RAM
5 x 2To Hitashi HDS72202 (RAID5) @ write=72MB/s - read=91MB/s (802.3ad dual cable)
Hi. I found OS7 very unstable and downgraded successfully via the link that you provided, worked via the NAS GUI and didn't have to resort to the USB method.
Currently running on with 4GB mem patch.

One of the big things was that the RAID wouldn't report disk status correctly so it was always in degraded mode and modules wouldn't install on OS7.

And I agree that Thecus appears to be not supporting OS7, especially on the N5550. There is no mention of it anymore in BETA availability other than the link above provided by Thecus - Yvon, links were removed from the download section on the product page and the last update I can find is but it wouldn't update via the auto update and found it in this file

I'm unfortunately selling my N5550 after being a loyal Thecus customer due to the lack of OS support and moving to QNAP.

Hope this helps in some way.
The link for the latest OS7 for N5550 is...
I just installed it so I can't comment about it other than it installed.

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