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Part of the RAID partition is occupied by the system.

I am using N5200XXX with 3 TB disks in RAID 5 configuration. Two days back disk no. 5 failed and RAID was degraded so I replaced the disk and RAID started building. But after more then 50% rebuilding power failed and RAID on my NAS crashed. Now I don't see any RAID partition and in RAID management console error message shows (Part of the RAID partition is occupied by the system.) I have around 8 TB data which I can't afford to loose. 

Is there any solution to rebuild the RAID without loosing the data. I searched on forum but couldn't get any satisfactory solution.

Is there any onsite support available in Delhi, India?

Please advice.

Dear Thecus Support,

Please provide the solution to rebuild RAID5 which was crashed.
I am waiting to hear from your side.
Dear Sir,

Forum for user exchange experience mainly, if you need tech support staff talk to you directly, please visit, and also enclose rich FAQ for you too.

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