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RAID5 degraded: Disk fail after disk swap
Hi there,

a bit nervous right now Confused . Here is what happend:

Following setup: 7 HD (WDC WD40EFRX-68W) with 4TB each. I was in the process to migrate to new disks (8TB). So I removed Disk No. 1  from the (healthy) RAID and inserted a new disk. This is the normal procedure as pointed out in the Knowledge Base - and I performed this multiple times with other Thecus Systems. 

Usually the RAID goes into "degraded" mode and starts REBUILD a couple of moments later.

But: A couple of minutes after the disk-change took place Disk No. 5 seemed to fail - here the logfile:

2016-11-28 23:13:09 [N7510] : User admin logged in from
2016-11-28 22:30:36 [N7510] : The RAID [RAID] on system [N7510] change to degrade mode.
2016-11-28 22:29:57 [N7510] : Disk 5 on [N7510] has failed.
2016-11-28 22:29:56 [N7510] : Disk 5 on [N7510] has failed.
2016-11-28 22:29:56 [N7510] : Disk 5 on [N7510] has failed.
2016-11-28 22:23:52 [N7510] : The RAID [RAID] on system [N7510] is recovering the RAID and rebuilding is in progress.
2016-11-28 22:23:43 [N7510] : Disk 1 on [N7510] has been added.
2016-11-28 22:17:06 [N7510] : The RAID [RAID] on system [N7510] change to degrade mode.
2016-11-28 22:17:05 [N7510] : Disk 1 on [N7510] has been removed.

Question at hand: What should I do? Right no the NAS is sitting like a lame duck in my computer room and doing nothing...

The raid status is still in degraded and is not accessible.

The failed Disk is not part of the RAID, and if I choose "Shared folders" I get the error message "you do not have any raid systems".

When checking the "Raid Config" I see that the Raid consists of disks 1,2,3,4,6,7. Disk No. 5 is avail as "spare".

What is the recommended procedure?

I could re-insert the original No.1 Disk... 

Any advice will be appreciated!

Thanks in Advance,

Dear Sir,

Here recommend download CONF.BIN from NAS first, and submit a ticket from let our staff to check for you. And the CONF.BIN can be downloaded from [System Management/ Config Mgmt] and then press [Download] button.

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