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The RAID array collapsed. - AlexKasatkin - 04-09-2018

I'm using an N5550 with
I have a RAID5 setup with five disks - 4 disks are combined in RAID5 and one in hot-swappable mode.
The access to the data on the network has disappeared.
I decided to check the disks for bad blocks.
On all discs launched "Start Scan Blokk"
For a long time the discs were checked.
The state of the RAID array has become "Destroyed"
Restarted the NAS.
The status of the RAID array is "Building: 0.0%" and does not change over time.
You can not see the piles of the array either.

Tell me how to restore the work of NAS?
And that my data is all gone?

RE: The RAID array collapsed. - Blackbear199 - 04-09-2018

I for one am waiting to see what the Thecus people say about this.
from what you posted it dont look good.
its defeating the purpose of having a NAS if this can really happen.
what would be the chances that u lost 2 disks at the same time?

RE: The RAID array collapsed. - Thecus - Yvon - 04-25-2018

Dear Sir,

Here you need tech support to help found the cause, if HDD with issue and going to bad block scan would goes worst, and following link for your reference: