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N4520 takes about 90 min to boot up - bluebaer33 - 01-03-2018

since a week my N4520 ( OS6.build_341.2  with 4 Seagate 3TB NAS harddisks)  does take about 90 min from power on to be available on the Net.  When I tried to access the officialNAS application pane, the system would come back with aq message, that it is in an 'offline mode' and thre is no possibility to add or remove any applications.
Is there a possibiilty to upgrade the system to the OS6. ?  Or are there other possibiilities to get tthe system back to a stable sworking status again? 
due to the significant number of issues, which occures recently with this device, The data is well backed up.  So if I need to swipe off all data would be still OK for me.
But the Box has been too expensive to put it tot he garbage collection already after 4 years.
Please could somone tell me, what options do exist.

Accurate copy of the message:
The offline mode could only update system file or install NAS application. Any other activity such as remove NAS application could operate while Internet access is available.

Thanks alot for your help


RE: N4520 takes about 90 min to boot up - Thecus - Yvon - 01-05-2018

Dear Sir,

As the report from ESUPPORT system, your HDD3 in bad condition, here recommend backup data first, and then going to plan replace HDD or else option.