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N2310 hdd upgrade - ispasion22 - 12-17-2017

I have a Thecus N2310 initially with a 500GB hdd for testing but now I want to upgrade to a 2 bigger HDDs.
This NAS being quite capricious with the applications and settings, so a friend has managed to set various 3rd party apk and did several "experiments".
In order to upgrade, the simple idea was to make a raw sector-by-sector image of the initial hdd to a 1TB hdd, to keep all these settings and boot up like the initial hdd (all settings, apk and data). I would later add another hdd as RAID/JBOD.
Only just after cloning and booting the new hdd does not even "see" the latest firmware, what about applications ...
I wonder what resolution can I have?
Thank you.

RE: N2310 hdd upgrade - ispasion22 - 12-25-2017

I'm still trying to solve the problem, but discover new things.
With the new hdd, the firmware is version 664, although on first hdd is displaying the latest version-871 !!!
I understand that this firmware is written in the NAS flash, so installing a new hdd will no longer require firmware upgrades.

RE: N2310 hdd upgrade - Thecus - Yvon - 12-26-2017

Dear Sir,

N2310 is an entry level NAS, due NAS resource limited that unsupported such RAID migrate & expand function, thus recommend backup data and initial new RAID volume with new HDD is better.

RE: N2310 hdd upgrade - ispasion22 - 12-27-2017

Ok, is an entry level NAS , but it's illogic without easy functions because nobody buy something cheap to work hard for understanding hard level knowledge about that.
But what's the explanation with the default firmware?!

RE: N2310 hdd upgrade - Thecus - Yvon - 12-28-2017

Dear Sir,

Here recommend choose N2810 or Intel CPU NAS and able to support this function.
The N2310 have a default firmware on motherboard, would write on RAID/HDD during initial process, since user able log into ADMIN WEB interface would upgrade RAID/HDD'firmware version, but motherboard'firmware.

RE: N2310 hdd upgrade - ispasion22 - 12-29-2017

I did not understand exactly what you meant (I do not speak native English), after all the final firmware upgrade N2310-USB.2.1.2-FLASH-867.zip (or N2310_OS6.0.871.t2.app) is written permanently on the NAS motherboard ? Yes or no.

In the Release notes of http://www.thecus.com/Downloads/FW/OS6/OS6_N2310_N4310_FWRN_Build_871.pdf says:
3. Since new version firmware installed, the new software doesn't allow users to downgrade to any previous version firmware.

RE: N2310 hdd upgrade - Thecus - Yvon - 01-16-2018

Dear Sir,

1. N2310 doesn't link Intel X64 CPU NAS structure allow user to downgrade firmware.
2. USB UPGRADE tool would write on motherboard forever, since user initial new RAID and write firmware onto RAID/HDD.
3. WEB UI upgrade would write on RAID/HDD only.

RE: N2310 hdd upgrade - ispasion22 - 01-18-2018

Thank you for punctual answers.