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Stop free support for 3rd party modules :( - outkastm - 04-19-2017

Hi all,
Unfortunately, i can no longer support the 3rd party modules, at least not for free. This is so much time consuming and my request to Thecus for a kind of collaboration had no response. I have a job a family so actually almost all of my free time was spent on supporting all these modules. Also the hosting subscription for the modules have to be paid...Was very difficult to take that decision, I hope i will have some more news for you in the coming days. I thanks to everybody who supported me.

RE: Stop supporting 3rd party modules :( - hcx - 04-19-2017

It is a sad piece of news.
Thank you for all this huge work and I wish you the best of the lives for you and your family.
Do you intend to share your build tree (sdk) ?

RE: Stop supporting 3rd party modules :( - Ecehelon - 04-19-2017

Indeed very sad to hear, 

I for one and I'm sure I speak for all have much appreciated all your time and efforts as this has really reinvigorated and kept the Thecus scene alive, disappointing to hear that Thecus have not offered you any incentive to keep up the good work, very short sighted of them as this type of third party support has kept me loyal to the Thecus brand..

All my best for you and the family, take care mate.

I've sent you a little something to say thanks for all your good work.

Cheers James

RE: Stop supporting 3rd party modules :( - outkastm - 04-20-2017

Well thanks for the good words and your support, is much appreciated. I will not completely drop the work on the modules, for the moment, but i am thinkin that everyone who really find these modules usefull can support with 2-3 euros for a month access to download server, when they need it. Sorry to get to this...but i see no other way. For sure you will be one with unlimited access Smile

RE: Stop supporting 3rd party modules :( - wbree - 04-20-2017

It is sad to hear that you stop supporting the mods. I was not a big user, but was pleased with some of the mods (SABnzb, Python2) created by you. Thanks again and good luck with your work.