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  OS7 functionality
Posted by: MD11 - 08-05-2017, 05:53 PM - Forum: N5550 - No Replies

Hi there,

I´ve been around for a few years with Thecus and was quit satisfied with hard & software. OS7 has some features which are relevant and important to me, so I´ve upgraded to the newest version (3.02.02.cdv).

After initial setup, factory reset, rebuild of the whole raid-set with a raid5 and btrfs I´ve copied all files back. And there the problems started.

I´m a MAC user and use therefore AFP. But the service keeps on "failing" now and then. Furthermore Apps like OwnCloud or Plex_OM are also failing without any noticable issue. Also reboot of the Unit is not working in 50% of the cases. And scheduled poweroff or poweron functions are also not working as the unit is running 24/7 even though it should shutdown in the night. And the unit keeps on swapping. I´m using 5 modules (owncloud, plex_om, ubiquity controller, AFP, timemachine) and the unit keeps on swapping.


Are these known issues?
And why did you pull OS7 from the Firmware site of the N5550 Unit?



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  Add-on Apps issues
Posted by: Redbacks - 08-04-2017, 11:11 AM - Forum: N5550 - No Replies

Thecus needs to go through there add-on apps and make sure they actually work with the current crops of browsers new security profiles, it one thing to install some of these apps, but it another thing if there non/part functional in either OS5 or OS7. Gees. Angry


Version: 3.02.02.cdv
CPU: Intel CPU D2550 @ 1.86GHz
Memory: 3036 MB
DOM: Single DOM

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  Thecus® NAS Surveillance Center now available on ThecusOS 7.0
Posted by: Thecus_Ben - 08-02-2017, 06:13 PM - Forum: News & Announcement - No Replies

Whether you are looking to safeguard your home or office, the Thecus Surveillance Center provides a user-friendly platform to manage your security system. This free App available for ThecusOS7 enables users to transform their Thecus NAS into a Network Video Recorder (NVR), allowing the configuration and deployment of multiple IP cameras into a single interface system, with real-time surveillance monitoring and playback. 

The Thecus Surveillance Center delivers seamless integration with ONVIF-compatible IP surveillance cameras. The IP compatibility list now includes almost every ONVIF-compatible IP camera. With the capacity to centralize management for up to 8 IP cameras, Thecus also delivers 8 free licenses.

The Thecus Surveillance Center works with all major web browsers and is Mac compatible. Its permission management allows administrators to create user and administrator profiles according to their responsibilities. The real-time monitoring, scheduled recording and playback recording of the system, delivers users the flexibility to set up their security based on their own specific requirements.

For round the clock security for your home and work environment, the Thecus Surveillance Center is ready to be downloaded and used now from the ThecusOS 7.0 App center.  

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  Unstable OS7
Posted by: Redbacks - 07-31-2017, 04:26 AM - Forum: N5550 - No Replies

In general I've had more issue with this OS7 in a short order of time, than the OS5 during it it entire time on the NAS.
1) Random degrading of the drives, blinking red after some hours after a startup. Restarting the system solves the blinking red lights.
2) Reboot works randomly with no service enable after reboot
3) Shutdown works randomly, other than service are shutdown, but system is still fully power-up.
4) Not compatible with current version of Firefox, Chrome and Safari with regrades to each browsers new default security profiles.
5) BTRFS with multiple errors in JBOD level example:
Jul 30 08:40:41 N5551 kernel: [   78.553248] btrfs: has skinny extents
Jul 30 09:42:13 N5551 smbd_audit: [2017/07/30 09:42:13.361224,  0] ../source3/lib/sysquotas.c:406(sys_get_quota)
Jul 30 09:42:13 N5551 smbd_audit:   sys_path_to_bdev() failed for path [.]!
Jul 30 09:42:13 N5551 smbd_audit: [2017/07/30 09:42:13.361795,  0] ../source3/lib/sysquotas.c:406(sys_get_quota)
Jul 30 09:42:13 N5551 smbd_audit:   sys_path_to_bdev() failed for path [.]!
Jul 30 09:42:13 N5551 smbd_audit: [2017/07/30 09:42:13.367776,  0] ../source3/lib/sysquotas.c:406(sys_get_quota)
Jul 30 09:42:13 N5551 smbd_audit:   sys_path_to_bdev() failed for path [.]!
Jul 30 09:42:13 N5551 smbd_audit: [2017/07/30 09:42:13.368217,  0] ../source3/lib/sysquotas.c:406(sys_get_quota)
Jul 30 09:42:13 N5551 smbd_audit:   sys_path_to_bdev() failed for path [.]!
Jul 30 09:42:14 N5551 smbd_audit: [2017/07/30 09:42:14.629808,  0] ../source3/lib/sysquotas.c:406(sys_get_quota)
Jul 30 09:42:14 N5551 smbd_audit:   sys_path_to_bdev() failed for path [.]!
Jul 30 09:42:14 N5551 smbd_audit: [2017/07/30 09:42:14.630337,  0] ../source3/lib/sysquotas.c:406(sys_get_quota)
Jul 30 09:42:14 N5551 smbd_audit:   sys_path_to_bdev() failed for path [.]!
Jul 30 09:42:25 N5551 smbd_audit: [2017/07/30 09:42:25.230160,  0] ../source3/lib/sysquotas.c:406(sys_get_quota)
Jul 30 09:42:25 N5551 smbd_audit:   sys_path_to_bdev() failed for path [.]!
Jul 30 09:42:25 N5551 smbd_audit: [2017/07/30 09:42:25.230621,  0] ../source3/lib/sysquotas.c:406(sys_get_quota)
Jul 30 09:42:25 N5551 smbd_audit:   sys_path_to_bdev() failed for path [.]!
Jul 30 09:42:41 N5551 smbd_audit: [2017/07/30 09:42:41.059477,  0] ../source3/lib/sysquotas.c:406(sys_get_quota)
Jul 30 09:42:41 N5551 smbd_audit:   sys_path_to_bdev() failed for path [.]!
Jul 30 09:42:41 N5551 smbd_audit: [2017/07/30 09:42:41.059979,  0] ../source3/lib/sysquotas.c:406(sys_get_quota)
Jul 30 09:42:41 N5551 smbd_audit:   sys_path_to_bdev() failed for path [.]!

Version: 3.02.02.cdv
CPU Activity: 29.5%
Memory Activity: 15.2%
Up Time: 0Day, 1Hour, 6Minute
CPU Temperature: 34°C / 93.2°F
SYS Temperature1: 43°C / 109.4°F
SYS Temperature2: 40°C / 104.0°F
SYS Fan Speed1: 1687 rpm

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  HELP PLS - new os auto update - cannot write to hdd's anymore???
Posted by: wcronje - 07-26-2017, 11:40 PM - Forum: N5810PRO - Replies (1)


My 5810PRO is set to auto update for major software releases. It was working perfectly until the recent software update that updated it - looks like it was earlier today.

System starts to upgrade firmware from [] to [3.02.02].
System has been upgraded successfully to [3.02.02].

Since this update, I am unable to copy any files to the HDD's. The RAID says healthy, but I cannot access any of the disks in the RAID to see their status. There's no disk errors in the log, nor is there disk errors on the machine.

I cannot however access any of the disks anymore under disk security in the RAID settings - it's greyed out. Busy running block scans on each of the HDD's to see if there's any errors.

How do I fix this - I can access the folders and files, but not write/copy to them any longer??? Angry Angry Angry

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  [OpenLDAP][1.03.01]OS implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Posted by: outkastm - 07-21-2017, 06:55 AM - Forum: Third party modules - No Replies

Module is available for:

x64_OS5/OS7 - last version - 1.03.01
x86_OS5/OS6 - last version - 1.03.01



ModBase1 > 1.07.00
apache >

This is FaJo module updated to be compatible with OS7

For configuration please go to http://www.fajo.de/main/en/thecus/modules/openldap

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  How to Increase VDI Boot Performance and Database Transactions with All-Flash Array
Posted by: Thecus_Ben - 07-17-2017, 10:59 AM - Forum: News & Announcement - No Replies

While IT departments are trying to control their IT budgets, the need to work with increasing amounts of data and user demands for quick storage access is rising. Often legacy storage systems are ill-equipped to face the I/O demands of a virtual infrastructure, with issues arising from of the write intensive nature of boot-up and login storms. All-flash arrays are able to address these performance challenges but do come with a higher price tag. When does the performance outweigh the cost? When time is money!

VDI Boot Performance 

When a significant number of virtual machines boot up or login within a narrow time frame, a  demand for heavy IOPS from the backend occurs, which will overwhelm a network with data requests. Unlike conventional storage,  all-flash arrays deliver ultra-high random IOPS and ultra-low latency, eliminating all-at-once access problems.

Example 1 : In a large virtual desktop environment where 500 computers boot up simultaneously on conventional hard drive basis it would on average take 15 minutes but an AFA reduces this to just  3 minutes.


Faster Transactional Performance.

For many database applications—from high-frequency trading to real-time risk management—microseconds translate to opportunities created or opportunities lost. The speed of a systems IOPS is critical to database performance, the introduction of an all-flash array will minimize I/O latency and accelerate transactional performance.

Example 2 : A government agency which needed to access a database of  hundreds of millions of database entries,  when using a conventional hard drive basis had a response time of 30 minutes. With the introduction of AFA it was reduced to just  10  seconds.
An all-flash array solution allows for massive improvements in processing performance, deliver long term storage performance to the VDI environment. When deciding on All-Flash arrays, the higher the IOPS the better the storage system’s overall performance. Thecus’ LightningPro All-Flash Array series offer over 700,000 IOPS in 4KB random writes.

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  Twonky server not accessible through port :9000
Posted by: wcronje - 07-15-2017, 10:03 PM - Forum: Thecus Modules - Replies (5)


Please help. My Twonky server worked well for a while and then all of a sudden stopped. I tried to access it through the web interface but it keeps saying I cannot access the page. I have a static IP address and cannot access it.

It is showing as an activated app in my app page on my dashboard but when I click on 'enter app page' I get a message that the page is not reachable.

Is there ANY way I get access the server to maybe change the port to another port or if there's a way for me to access the page in any other way?

I have installed and uninstalled the app as well but after 30 days it asks me for my registration key (I have a registration key) but I cannot access the port to enter the registration key?

Would appreciate ANY help to get this sorted.

Thanks - see info below and screenshots attached.

I am running OS7 and this is the firmware version of my Thecus:
Thecus N5810 PRO


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  Request: OpenLDAP
Posted by: ehfred10 - 07-14-2017, 09:36 PM - Forum: Third party modules - Replies (1)


Is it possible to update the old Fajo module openLDAP for thecus OS 7?


Thank you

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