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  change root password
Posted by: kos - 09-08-2017, 05:27 AM - Forum: N4200PRO/N4200Eco - Replies (2)

A while ago I had my RAID rebuilt by Thecus support (they did a great job btw).
For that purpose I temporarily changed the root password for my N4200eco.
Afterwards I changed the root password again.
Recently I had to access my NAS with root and my newly set password was not accepted.
Today I tested some more. Changed the password via putty. Change was successfull and I could use it to log on.
However after a reboot of the device, the root password had changed again to the temporary password I had set for Thecus support.
I changed the root password via Webmin and again it was successfull. Could log on with the new password.
Until I restarted the device... the password was back on the temporary password...

I have the impression that something is not correct with access rights, permissions after the rebuild. 
I noticed kind of a similar issue with the configuration of my Transmission module. I'm able to change the location of the download folders, but after a restart of the module, they are back the way they were...

Anyone an idea where to look for a solution?

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  File explorer
Posted by: nasnoob - 08-27-2017, 01:40 PM - Forum: Tutorials - Replies (1)

Hi there
What is a good file management / file explorer module for thecus OS6?
I am struggling to copy paste files from outside HDDs to the thecus HDD

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  Thecus Surveillance Center
Posted by: LaraBoft - 08-27-2017, 01:03 AM - Forum: Thecus Modules - Replies (5)

Thecus Surveillance Center is announced as downloadable. But where? I can't find it on my NAS in the app center or on the website.

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  VPN client
Posted by: wbree - 08-26-2017, 03:39 AM - Forum: N5550 - Replies (1)

When I want to configure the VPN client I get the message:"Incorrect IP format". I wonder what is incorrect with the format when it looks like: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (example
The help file is empty with this subject.

Any suggestions?


EDIT: I think it should say: "Incorrect IP address". Our Taiwanees friends are making good products but are less proficient in the English language. :-)

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  OS7 N4510U-Pro Missing Modules?
Posted by: allogic - 08-24-2017, 05:08 PM - Forum: N4510U / N4510UPRO - Replies (3)


Anyone else upgraded and noticed missing modules?

I can see from the Thecus Demo of OS7 that the Thecus Surveillance Center package is available to install, but when I do the same in my upgraded N4510U-Pro I cannot see it as a download.

Is Thecus not making this available for my N4510U-Pro?  If so, why advertise it as part of Os7?

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Posted by: Massaguana2 - 08-24-2017, 03:26 PM - Forum: General [German Support] - Replies (2)


wer kann mir ein Tipp geben wie ich den Printserver meines N10850 zum laufen bringen kann?

Habe ein HP x576dw Drucker und habe diesen Testweise per USB Verbunden. Er wird auch erkannt, nur der Computer kann sich nicht zu dem Drucker Verbinden. 

Was muss ich hier tun?



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  N4810 New OS login error
Posted by: nasnoob - 08-19-2017, 09:10 AM - Forum: N5810PRO - Replies (3)

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if somebody is able to give me a hand with something.

Since my last firmware update on the N4810 - my NAS has become inaccessible to Android applications on my Sony Smart TV as well as my WDHDTV media player - The N4810 is shown but it keeps on showing incorrect username / pw across multiple apps - I have reset these devices to no avail. I am unsure what to do next to resolve these issue. If someone can guide me through that would be great.

The login via internet interface works OK and i can access folders via windows. Not sure where to begin troubleshooting the problem. The thecus staff have not tried to help even after sending them multiple emails trying to get more information regarding the issue.


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  Submit Tickets Issue
Posted by: Redbacks - 08-19-2017, 03:37 AM - Forum: N5550 - No Replies

To whom this concern

I've been trying to submit a ticket to no avail with your tech support, I can login insecure and nothing works or allows changes to be made, under forced secure protocol (https) the page is a mess, it doesn't render correctly. I have tried all browsers from Firefox , safari, chrome, epic, and other browsers and they all have the same issue. Im running this browser's on a Mac, I've created a ticket at the beginning of this month, but now I can't reply to tech support request for further info.

Anybody watching the quality of your programers programming? hmmmm Angry

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Sad [solved] [N5200pro] freeze in rebuilt raid
Posted by: yep - 08-16-2017, 03:01 AM - Forum: N5200XXX/1U4200XXX/N8200XXX - Replies (4)

Bonjour, Hi

N5200 PRO (v 2.00.15 ) 

- no answer to ping, verif = lcd frozen >> reboot = ok = rebuild raid in progress >> 30 minutes after again freeze !! The NAS no longer responds.
- reboot without disks = self-testing + booting ... infinite (the boot does not end like habitual )

I just put the discs back after letting off a moment = ok
- self testing + booting = ok,="The system N5200 is recovering the RAID and rebuilding is in progress"
>> again 30 minutes after = NAS frozen

I would like to know:
- if it is a problem HW (DOM or power ... etc)
- it appears a "!" On the LCD: an idea? (picture I attach)

It seem a alim or HW problem... 

- pas de réponse ping, verif = lcd figé >> reboot = ok = rebuild raid en cours mais 30 minutes après de nouveau figé !! le nas ne répond plus.
- reboot sans disques = self-testing + booting...infini ( le boot ne se termine pas) 

Je viens de remettre les disques après avoir laissé  éteint un moment= ok
- self testing + booting = ok, en ce moment "The system N5200 is recovering the RAID and rebuilding is in progress"
>> de nouveau 30 minutes aprés = NAS figé

Je souhaite savoir:
- si c'est un probleme HW (DOM ou alim...etc)
- il apparait un "!" sur le LCD: un idée? (voir image)

[Image: mini_979779IMG08291.jpg]

Remerciements pour votre aide.

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