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Full Version: How to restore data from RAID set after N4100 Dies?
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Well I had a power outage and was able to do a graceful shutdown on my N4100Pro. However once the power was back up my N4100Pro decided to not come back up. I hit the power button and nothing happens, I can hear a low buzzing sound but no lights and nothing on the LCD display. Not sure what component decided to die on me I think it might be the power supply but not sure. I have a PS tester coming in though the mail so I can try and figure out what is broken.

So my question is this. If I need to recover data off my RAID 5 array how can I do that? I hope I don't have to purchase another 4 bay Thecus device just to be able to have access to my data. I'm not bad mouthing Thecus I just don't have the cash right now to purchase another NAS unit and I need immediate access to my data since I used this as my primary backup device and yes I know RAID is not a substitute for a proper backup.

So any Thecus reps or anyone in this community can help me out much appreciated if so as this is a huge loss to me. Basically 5TB+ of data spanning over 4+ years and like I said this was my primary backup & storage device for all my computers I own. Thanks everyone.
Nothing huh? Do Thecus support employees even read this forum anymore? I would really like to know how I can access my data so I can back it up and pull it off the disks.