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Full Version: Network folders problem private and public
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I have N5500 nas with latest firmware, brand new and raid set as raid5 ext4.
I created 2 users, made one folder public so all can access it and that works fine.
I created one private folder, ACL selected the user and gave him full priority(R/w)
Now if i go from win7 pc to the \\nas and open the public folder it is all ok and working. if i try to open the private one, i get username and password and if i type that it does nothing, not even admin lets me threw.

Is there any trick to this. I have one nas with old firmware and this is not happening.

Happened to me too.
I re-entered the password in the user settings, removed the user from the folder ACL settings and then put it there again, reboot and all was fine.
Admin will not take you to any folder only the admin page (in my experience)