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Full Version: [N4560] Upgrade to a new Nas
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Hello there Smile,

I want to upgrade my Nas system to another Nas.
My System is :
- N4560
- OS6.build_341.2 
- 4x WD 4TB in RAID 5 (12 TB availables, no spare disk)

It seems that my nas will die soon.
I'm afraid to lose all my datas that's why I want to upgrade to another Nas.

My question is :
- What kind of model I should choose if I want to preserve all my datas ?

Dear Sir,

Due N4560 hardware limitation unable to roaming to other OS5X64 or OS7 models, here recommend backup current data as possible, or refer to following FAQ:

Thanks for your response Smile.
That's meen I need to buy (or rent) 12 TB of disk and back up to it ?
And after, I must transfert all the datas into the new Nas ?

It's very strange that's Thecus doesn't provide retrocompatibility.

Does Thecus provide any rent of Hard disk ?
I don't find this kind of solution in my Country (France).
sorry for the inconvenience but maybe you can borrow another one or two HDDs from a friend or colleague for the backup? Another possibility could be to buy two new 6TB drives for the backup first and later use them in your new NAS.