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Full Version: Looking for BTRFS configuration advice
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Hi everyone,  I'm a network admin and my company is running 4 different version of Thecus NAS.  I'm basically rsyncing 2 of my NAS's to an N12000PRO that is my offsite.  I recently decided to reconfigure this NAS to use BTRFS so that I simplify the process I use to prevent against ransomware by using the Snapshot option.  Basically NAS01 and NAS02 which contain all my backups will sync nightly to offlineNAS.  offlineNAS will then snapshot when the sync is complete and if NAS01 or NAS02 gets hit with ransomware, I can load the BTRFS snapshot from the previous day. 

My question is, what is the best practices method for setting up a BTRFS Thecus?  I searched everywhere I could imagine and found nothing about the RAID configs in regards to BTRFS.  If I'm not mistaken, I thought BTRFS had some issues previously when used on RAID5 and 6.  I also have always been under the impression that if I configure all disks as a JBOD and deploy BTRFS, I will still have some redundancy against a failed disk and have the ability to replace the disk and it will heal automatically? 

Is that wrong? Should I deploy BTRFS on top of a RAID?  Do I need to create multiple RAIDS for the metadata? Does anyone have a link that speaks on this procedure at all?  I'm in the process of syncing 28TB of data onto this BTRFS JBOD and would love some confirmation that I'm not wasting my time. Thanks in advance,  I appreciate the help.
It is still true the BTRFS is NOT ready for production use if you want RAID 5 or 6: https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/RAID56

I personally experienced destructive failures with a RAID 5 BTRFS... fortunately it was very soon after bringing the system up so I moved away from BTRFS.
Dear Sir,

Current BTRFS most advantage about SNAPSHOT & folder quota function. And the Thecus RAID made by Thecus itself, and the BTRFS for file system use only, it is like we could choose NTFS or FAT format for USB driver from Windows. And also BTRFS would spent much more DRAM usage compare from EXT4 or XFS, thus middle or small NAS would have memory usage concern.
So if anyone is interested here's how this entire thing played out.  I contacted support asking the same question and they responded by saying it's not real BTRFS, they're using MDADM so its safe.  Fast forward to yesterday, I did a firmware update and now 50TB of my companies offsite backups are gone.  No matter what I do there is no way to get the device to read the usb and their entire "linux" system is a bunch of scripts hacked together.  If anyone can tell me which obfuscated binaries run to detect a plugged in usb with a .key file I'd really appreciate it.


If anyone can point me towards any documentation that tells you how to undo their encryption with the key file and passwords completely off of a Thecus box, I'll send you $.  I just spent about 4 hours looking with no luck.