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[Microsoft OneDrive][1.00.00.[1.0.0]_x64] Not functional
When installing the Microsoft OneDrive module on a Thecus N5550 with OS7 3.00.06.cdv there is nothing you can configure on the app page. It's impossible to add a onedrive account. The only button available is a 'delete' button.
Got an answer from the helpdesk (Chase Lin):

Please follow the steps below:
1. Log in WEB UI with account "admin"
2. Go to [App Center] -> OneDrive module -> enable "Allow user to use this module"
3. Log out WEB UI
4. Log in WEB UI with local user account
5. Go to [App Center] -> [Enter App Page] -> Activate the module
6. You should be able to see the data synced under the folder //NAS_IP/HOME/LOCAL_USER_ACCOUT/onedrive

This works. Thank you. Call closed.

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