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BMR Fails on W2000
So I have done full backups with Windows Server Backup. When I go through the recovery process it fails. I made a video here
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I think it must be the disk layout which is odd for uEFI compared to other uEFI boxes.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... s.PNG?dl=0</a><!-- m --> is a normal box
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... s.PNG?dl=0</a><!-- m --> is the Thecus W2000
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your mail. You don't need to boot from recovery ISO media, please try to hold the SHIFT key and select any one of reboot item from WSS OS screen, and system would going to recovery page.
What you are saying is if the hard drive fails, replace it, reimage it so you can get to windows to hold down shift while you click restart to get to system image recovery. That seems to work fine if you just backup and restore a clean image.

But if you apply all the windows updates and or try to restore a backup of a working box that was restored it becomes "iffy" Sometimes you have to wait to attach the usb drive after the recovery environment boots. Not sure if it is just a Windows thing or because the MSR partition is hidden.

But after it is all said and done is does seem do-able

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