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eCryptFS kernel module

I'm trying to get eCryptFS to work on my N7510.

Since the kernel module is not included in the original firmware, I need to build it myself.

Unfortunately, there aren't any build tools included either, so I don't know how to compile the eCryptFS kernel module on the N7510.

Could someone provide me with info on how to do this? Or maybe even create a module to install via the web interface?

Also, at the guys from Thecus, could you maybe include the ecryptfs kernel module and ecryptfs-utils in the next firmware upgrade? I think these are much needed tools.

EDIT: So I found this tutorial <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... el_modules</a><!-- m --> but where do I get the GPL code matching my firmware version and set up the toolchain that FaJo used?
N7510 @ V2.06.01
2x Corsair ValueSelect SO-DIMM 4GB, DDR3-1333, CL9 (CMSO4GX3M1A1333C9)
7x Western Digital WD Red 4TB, 3.5", SATA 6Gb/s (WD40EFRX)
28TB RAID5 @ ext4

Installed modules:
- EncFS
- ModBase1 1.04.01
- SyncThing
- TrueCrypt
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your post, but this post should at "Third party modules" from <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewforum.php?f=36</a><!-- l -->

and following link for your reference:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> -> left lower corner "Developer Tools"

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