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Bricked thecus N1200
Hello all
Five years ago i both a small NAS Thecus n1200. It was love at first site. I put in it a 120 gb sata hdd and worked perfect until i decited 2 years ago to upgrade the firmware.
During the firmware update a power loss occured in my neighborhood and the device is dead since the. I thik sophing went wrong when flashing the firmware.
The power led of my thecus n1200 is blue and the lan led is green.
The lan led is bilking in a odd way. Some short blinks and then a long blink (lights up the hole led).
There is some how a pattern. After some short blinks, the led is hole lighted.
Some how the number of short blinks are random. I counter a max of 4 short blinks and then a hole led light up.

Is there any way i can revive my dead hecus. Is there a jtag port for reflashing on the board, can somebody provide schematics of the board

Dear Sir,

Seem it is need contact Thecus office for RMA process, and following link for your reference:
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what rma since is out of warante for 3 years now

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