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Firmware update?
Hello to everyone! I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if is it possible to add additional 3 x 6TB HDDs to existing 4 x 3TB HDDs to N7510 without updating firmware?

Problem is that I don't have any available media for backup of existing data on NAS storage.

Thanks in advance.
Daer Sir,

N7510 support mutiple RAID up to 5 set, and RAID migrate/expand function, and you could choose mutiple RAID or RAID migrate/expand to do, even it is no need to update FW, but recommend update to recently FW is better. And following FAQ for your reference:

Mutiple RAID -> Less downtime, it is 2 indepence RAID volume, need create new folder on the RAID volume and able to user new volume, just create RAID from RAID mangement page.
RAID migrate/expand -> Longer downtime & complex, but not suit for 6TB & 3TB mix.

RAID Migration & RAID Expansion
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