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Using a 6TB external drive for backup through USB/eSATA back
I have been using a Thecus N4100PRO for a few years now and had my share of problems and survived through workarounds. Latest action of the firmware upgrade from 3.01.01 to 5.03.02 seem to solve number or issues for me. I have a configuration of 4 x 2TB Samsung drives (HD203WI) used to build my approx. 6TB RAID5 configuration and have not have issues problems with any problems where drives falling out of the RAID array, etc. I would like to start performing automated backups of the array through USB/eSata connection to an external drive with a 6TB WD disk. The first issue before I even attempt to do this is the creation of the partition, where I can't create a single 6TB partition on my external drive uisng fdisk. I see that it is possible to do this on a GPT partition using GNU parted. I can do this externally and connect my disk to my N4100PRO afterwards but I wanted to get a confirmation if the NAS will be able to recognize a GPT base single 6TB ext3/4 partition and be able to copy data to it using the USB/eSata Backup module.
Dear Sir,

N4100PRO recently FW support GPT, and the NAS HW should 2~3 years old event it is workable, but HW reability is another issue need to do some plan about this. If you just went backup data to external HDD, current netwrok speed faster than extermal device more, thus recommen backup via SAMBA or FTP from your PC should faster and able to support NTFS.

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