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Bit-rot protection?
Hello, there are plans to make an "Bit-Rot Protection" for Thecus NAS?
You have a few options:
1) Have your RAID rebuilt - by removing one of the HDDs, wiping the partition (using another PC), and reinserting it and letting it rebuild.
Pro: this works now, for free.
Con: This isn't a viable option if you've got RAID5 - as the NAS will be unusable for, uh, days, weeks, months(?). (And if you want to refresh/rebuild all your HDDs, you'll want to shot yourself in the head. Unless you're using RAID1 or RAID 10, in which case, this will be much quicker.)

2) Use Steve Gibson's Spinrite to refresh your sectors. This take less time than rebuilding a RAID5, and will be much, much quicker when version 6.1 becomes available.
Pro: this software rocks! And it works - on all your HDDs and, with the proper settings, on SDDs.
Con: it costs $89 and you'll need another PC to Spinrite the drives.
Thecus N5550 (CPU: D2550 @ 1.86GHz, BIOS: X64)
Disks: 5 x 3TB Seagate NAS-class; 2 x 3TB-RAID1 plus Hot Spare
Memory: 8125 MB (2 x 4 GB Corsair 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM 1333)
Apps: Too many to count....
sounds not very practicable
sounds not very practicable

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