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Need help to decide Enterprise NAS
I am looking for Enterprise level NAS. It is mainly for FileServer on which users can directly work.
There are total 180 to 200 Users.
70% Users are using Indesgin, Photoshop, CorelDraw. PhotoShop files are bit heavy, filesize goes in GB sometime. Also they keep copying files from their PC to Server.
30% Users are general users. They use OpenOFfice, Word, etc.
Please note that all users will directly work on this NAS.

We have LDAP in place. NAS should support LDAP authentication.

If this works well, we will go for another server and will configure HA between them.
Can anybody provide appropriate Thecus NAS product?

Neelesh Gurjar
In my opinion Thecus is not a good choice, we have two N16000pro and more than 50 (50!!!!) Techus N5200pro, N5550 and N5200XXX ....
there is no support (see <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=38&t=8812&p=41333#p41333</a><!-- l --> ) AD integration sometimes works and sometime don't work (Thecus dont't find PDC and the only solution is repeat Join to domain or reboot Thecus), we have a AD with 5000 clients and more than 100 DC.
Tonight one of N16000pro (16 HD x 4 TB more than 50 TB) crashed ! led display was off, no error message, no mail....only solution ? forced reboot
I curse my IT Manager since he chose these products.
I have a great experience to used Enterprise NAS HDD. It is a best choice Ambitious Business. Some of the useful features are:
  • Accurate designed for lowest TCO in 1 till 16 bay fields
  • Constantly built on client verified technology

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