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Synology DSM for N2520/N2560
Ethereal Wrote:synocus 5565, incl update 2

в случае неудачного обновления - не паникуем
девайс оживляется, проверено на себе

Не могли бы вы описать процедуру восстановления после неудачного обновления.
Пока не решаюсь, но хотел бы сделать Synocus.
Проверяйте контрольные суммы, используйте бесперебойник и все у вас получится

а по реанимации тут где-то уже обсуждалось.
придется вскрыть бобика, подключиться к распаянному на плате UART-у(RS-232)
и шить терминалом
Okay, my NAS was working fine until now, It glitched terribly and i had to perform a reset(via DSM) on it.

Now my NAS boots up and displays a button "Re-Install". Just below that it says: "DSM on your DS214Play has been reset so you are required to Re-install DSM.

I tried uploading the "DSM_DS214play_5565.pat" file manually from these forums, but it tries reinstalling it and drops be back to the same page after a reboot.

Any help on this would be much appreciated! Thanks.

Note: I still have the old "DSM_DS214play_4493.pat" and "" if they can be used somehow to help recover the NAS. I don't care about about the data as i already had a backup to it (*phew*).
Does anyone have Vortex's DSM 5.1-5022 files?
So i just installed the SAME DSM version (5022) and it worked. (Note to self, DON'T delete old firmware files)

I have a combination of older DSM and flash files if anyone needs them, just PM me. When I get time, i'll start looking into making my own .pat files by following the instruction on the xpenology forums. (I have a USB TTL adapter on the way from aliexpress if something goes wrong, LOL)
Do anyone have synocus DSM 5.1-5022 pat files ?
or Flash_DS214play_5004.pat, DSM_DS214play_5004.pat

I can not use my n2520..please help me.
sailorv Wrote:Do anyone have synocus DSM 5.1-5022 pat files ?
or Flash_DS214play_5004.pat, DSM_DS214play_5004.pat

I can not use my n2520..please help me.

I should have some if not all of the files you require. I am at work right now, I'll upload them once i reach home.
Just curious, what is the exact problem you are running into?
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peeyush Wrote:!S5JgGSCa!tMYFNnXNko8yKgK5SiFyeg

Thank you so much, peeyush.
It has successfully completed setting in my n2520.
Now it is well used. Thank you very much!!
what is the difference 5004.pat and 5004(1).pat ?
Can you elaborate on how to using the files to change thecus n2520 os to dsm ? the dummy version is expected, the original post by vortex is nowhere to be found, and the link is also gone...pitty that ported project closed.

I will be happy if there is a youtube video.

Im downloading peyush files now, but i still cant find dsm_ds214play_5004.pat file.
------ is this last updated how to still valid ?---------
There is the *PROPER* patch/fix for update to DSM 5.1 for N2560 and N2520:

1) Download and install first file: Flash_DS214play_5004.pat
2) Refresh web-page (F5);
3) Then without NAS reboot dl and install second file: DSM_DS214play_5004.pat
4) You're Done! Enjoy DSM 5.1 on SynoCus.

anyone else... kindly respond to my question ... 
or the thread is too old and no one reading it ...

Suddenly my 2520 is blinking white, not boot to webOS, and only accesible via telnet, 
it was ThecusOS6.1 before, flash it using usb upgrade from thecus (1gig files) and now initram.686 but still no web access, still telnet only.
Is there any way to perform dsm install via USB boot ? << looks promissing but the download link is gone and another but ..
but >>File installation failure, file seems to be corrupted. (13) occurs

anyone ..please
Привет. Я был несколько лет назад прошит на SynoCus. В ноябре при просмотре видео, что то произошло. (видео остановилось и все). После чего я сделал перезагрузку. Получил окно переустановки DSM т.к. конфгурация утрачена. Вообще была версия: 5.1-5004. Данные на HDD не были утрачены и я почти все скопировал в нужные места.
Что касается возвращения к жизни - то как мне опять сделать СИНО либо как мне вернуться на родную прошивку от N2520 ???

Я уже пытался поставить другие конфиги и апдейтить - но после вродебы удачной установки происходит перезагрузка и опять запускается окно переустановки DSM. Что касается прошивки на текус - то я ставил несколько разных флешек с нужными файлами= но даже спустя час никаких перезагрузок и просто ничего не происходило. тупо опять запускается переустановка DSM.

Подскажи как победить этого гада, НАС как то уж очень нужен. Либо в виде СИНО либо на что то другое.
Hi, I want also DSM on my N2560. Which files do I need? Thanks in advance.
(04-20-2017, 03:55 AM)Pitt Wrote: Hi, I want also DSM on my N2560. Which files do I need? Thanks in advance.

I used the from peeyush and installed DSM_DS214play_4493.pat.

later ones seems to be to big.
after that i updated to DSM_DS214play_5565.pat.

Has anyone a later upgrade which we can use for n2520? mybe DSM6 ;-)

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