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[ How-To ] Restore your Defective DOM (x64) DIY
(04-29-2014, 01:40 AM)Qoolbox Wrote: ******************************************************************

It is for Thecus OS5 X64 system only, if your system is OS5 X32, OS6 or OS7, please don't doing this otherwise your DOM chip will be fault and need RMA process.

What is OS5 X64 models:


[Image: DOM_RESTORE.jpg]

Just wrote a tool allowing to restore by yourself a defective DOM

Download :

[Previous Release ] [ Based on the 2.04.05b DOM Image] [ USB Key Image / Win32DiskImager ]

[Current Release ] [ Based on the 2.05.06 DOM Image] [ USB Key Image / Win32DiskImager ]

Changelog :

in 2.05.06

Netbios name set to "disaster" avoiding to find ip with a lan scanner in some cases
Fit on a 4Gb USB Key
The USB DR is accessible from a SMB share from your computer to let you access to the DOM image for replace it with ease
DOM image updated to 2.05.06

Requirement :

a 4Gb USB Key
a DHCP Server on your network
Putty (for PC users)

Guide :

English : [ Step by step example on a N5550 in Self Testing DOM corrupted ]

French :

Coming soon

Working Models :

N2800, N4800ECO, N5550, N4510U (PRO), N6850, N8850, 10850, N7510, N7710, N8810, N8900, N12000 (PRO), N16000 (PRO)


• USB Drive (8GB or more)
• A computer with a Microsoft Windows
• Putty installed on your computer
• A sick NAS

[Image: done.JPG]

This tool works for the N12000 and N16000 (probably the N4510 too) non-PRO models too.  You just need to find an old half-height VGA card that firs in one of the open slots.  In fact, you can remove the SAS controller card if you don't have an open slot.  Once you put in the VGA card, Linux starts a video TTY display and you can move forward to do all the steps in the procedure.

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