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hi, for those people looking to rest the admin for their N4100evo but cant find the right software, i just received this from the manufacture

The N4100EVO hasn't got a reset button. Please following the instruction to process. This will load the factory defaults but won't affect the data stored on the NAS, however, you will have to re-create users account.

1. Prepare an USB flash drive with FAT or FAT32 format. The free capacity should be 256 MB or higher.

2. Download zip file from the follwing link:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... Srnpg&dl=1</a><!-- m -->

3. Extract the files got from step 2 and the attachment, then you will get three files:

4. Copy the three files from step 3 to the root folder in the USB flash drive.
Notice: Please do NOT change any file names.

5. Power off the NAS.
6. Insert the USB flash drive to the NAS USB port and then power on the NAS
7. After booting the NAS, the system will upgrade automatically. and "Loading Driver" will show and stay on LCM during upgrading.
8. The upgrade process will take 10 to 20 minutes. After upgrading process is done the NAS will be shutdown automatically.
9. Remove the USB drive and boot the NAS, then the process is finished and the NAS will load factory default settings.

After running this patch, the network settings and the admin password will also be set to default value:
admin password: admin

After the process, please use Setup Wizard to setup admin and networking configuration.

ps, im not sure how long this file will be hosted on dropbox, so get it quick b4 it goes. if it does i will try to make a new link

hope this helps, cheers
Hi djmartrix,

Thanks for sharing the tip!

John, Mar 12 '13

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