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[HOW-TO] Removing a module under SSH
Hi Kalua,

post more informations:

- what NAS model you have ?
- which folder can't be removed ?
- can you connect to NAS as root (via SSH) ?

N2800, 4GB RAM, 2x3TB WD30EFRX, FW (removed mem=4G)

I have the N5550. The folder, which I can´t remove is /raid/data/module/Plex.
I renamed this folder to be able to install the new Plex, the renamed folder cannot be deleted furtheron. When I want to delete the HDD starts to work and doesn´t stop anymore (I reboot now to stop it working)
The installation seemed, that it worked to a certain extend, but I can´t now open Plex. When I open it, I get a webpage, with information for a config file. There is also a link for a web interface to manage, but this can´t be opened (it opens a new page but wit information that connection failed)
Yes I can connect via SSH, I did it with putty.

Thank you in advance for help


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