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Is it possible to stop the damned buzzer ?
My N0503 started buzzing this morning after 2 years of non stop error free use. Disk 2 is declared dead and RAID degraded. All is well as far as data access is concerned and I have removed the dead disk and ordered a new one. However, the buzzer continues and is driving me brainless. I can't find a button/command to stop it.
My new disk won't arrive till the 6th of July and I think I will probably have thrown rest out of the window by then if I can't find a way of stopping the alarm.
Any one know how to do it?

regards, Mike
Did you try to switch off notifications already ?

Further information und module downloads at

I decided to finally stop module development and maintenance. Existing modules are still available for download for now.
Merci fajo... I hadn't looked there Sad . regards Mike
I personally turned the buzzer off completely (its the most annoying sound in the world). I have the unit email me about everything instead. :mrgreen:

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