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Thecus official SDK - 6/17/2011 Version
Where can we find the SDK for OS7?
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For all staff Thecus - Why do not you care about the development of your product by 3rd party modules ? I know one person who makes a module but currently they are not available for free (which I'm not surprised since he makes 90% extra modules for your products). Why do not you care about 3rd developers, without them your product is far behind the competition like QNAP or Synology ! Without additional modules Your product is too little functional so please give us info how create modules, where is SDK etc. etc. Why do we do reverse engineering ourselves to find out how to make such a 3rd module?
N5810 OS7.0
Just post here if you can support any modules. I will gladly remove it from my list
[Image: linkedinbutton.jpg]
Download modules from my forum
@outkastm - you are the last active 3rd party module developer Sad Sometimes @Qoolbox write something but you are alone at 3rd party modules forum. FaJo isn`t active, too. Without your modules Thecus NAS don`t offer nothing interesting. And I don`t understand a Thecus politics, why don`t care about people like you. And I don`t understand why Thecus staff dosen`t write in such threads like this one.

P.s I don`t have time to support public module :/:/ I don`t have time to make own modules so I`ve used yours. And I pray you would have time to continue to keep these modules becouse without you I have to sell Thecus and buy a NAS from QNAP or Synology.
N5810 OS7.0

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