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eSATA to USB3 or Thunderbolt Adapters Query
I am wondering if anyone has had any success using eSATA to USB3 or Thunderbolt adapters to transfer data off their NAS. I'm looking to transfer 6-7Tb off an N7700Pro to an external USB3/Thunderbolt 2 external drive.

I can see such adapters are available but there appear to be mixed reviews. It would be helpful to have idea of any such adapters that have a proven track record within the community.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Dear Sir,

N7700PRO end of life for years, thus we afraid no such function support, and recommend link the external driver on PC via FTP for data backup will be more faster than USB2.0 or 3.0.
Hi Yvon,

Thank you for your reply, but this is not an N7700Pro specific question. It relates to all Thecus NAS products that have an eSATA port whose owners have the need to transfer data to an external drive.
The FTP of data from the NAS to an external drive via another computer is really not a viable option as doing so will potentially chew up all the network bandwidth.
Plus what about the eSATA to Thunderbolt adapter option? Surely that would potentially quicker that FTP?
Dear Sir,

HW - N7700 age NAS due NAS CPU, MEMORY limited, thus it is not limited on USB3/eSATA/Thunderbolt, but NAS hardware performance to process the NTFS W/R process is a limiation.

SW - N7700 series end of update since 2014 Oct, if CPU & memory without limiation, but it is no firmware, driver & security update, thus have no driver to support USB3 or Thunderbolt chip.

Each product have itself own life cycle & performance range, beside USB3 or Thunderbolt connection bandwidth, but also need related hardware with enough resource to support.

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