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Stuck on self testing 7700 v1
My n7700 turned itself off and is now stuck on self testing.   There is a quick faint chirp when it starts up.   The red trouble led remains illuminated and it stays in self testing.

What are my options with regard to purchasing another thecus NAS and moving the drives to it to recover the data?   Can I purchase a n8880u and install move my drives to it to recover the data?    If so, how difficult is the process?
Dear Sir,

Forum for users to exchange experience mainly, and N7700 have V1, V2, PLUS V1, PLUS V2, PRO V1, PRO V2 & SAS multiple version, here recommend specify detail model name and visit for help would be faster.
It says in the title n7700 v1.

Fortunately, I'm recovering my data on a windows machine with UFS Explorer Raid Recovery.

Then, this thecus unit is going in a dumpster and your company and poor support will be out of my life.
Dear Sir,

Congratulations the data been recovered, as previous replied forum for users to exchange experience mainly, here recommend visit for help would be faster, and thanks for your understanding.

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