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How to get iTunes library working on N7710-G?
I had this working at one time, but can't figure out how to do it again.
I have copied my iTunes library to my N7710-G.  My goal is to have the library available to
multiple devices over my network.  I am now trying to get my Sonos to view the library for
playback.  So, in my Sonos app, I go to preferences, then Music Library Settings.  I type in
the path to my music, \\N7710-G\iTunes_music\Music, and it then asks me for a user
name and password.  The admin name/password I use to view status of the NAS from a browser doesn't
work.  I have also set up a local user name/password but that doesn't work and my Itunes
login doesn't work either.  
What user name/password am I supposed to use to login with?

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