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[Rsyslog] Mod ommysql failed to load
Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the Rsyslog module.

I tried to put all logs on a Mysql DB but the module failed to load. I got this warning:

2018-02-01T20:06:05.778319+01:00 N5550 rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="5.10.1" x-pid="24662" x-info=""] start
2018-02-01T20:06:05.749889+01:00 N5550 rsyslogd-2066: could not load module '/raid/data/module/rSyslog/system/lib64/rsyslog/', dlopen: /raid/data/module/rSyslog/system/lib64/rsyslog/ undefined symbol: mysql_options
[try ]
2018-02-01T20:06:05.750035+01:00 N5550 rsyslogd: the last error occured in /raid/data/module/rSyslog/system/etc/rsyslog-user.conf, line 17:"$ModLoad ommysql"
2018-02-01T20:06:05.750220+01:00 N5550 rsyslogd: the last error occured in /raid/data/module/rSyslog/system/etc/rsyslog-user.conf, line 34:"*.* :ommysql:,Rsyslogdb,sysloguser,syslogpassw"
2018-02-01T20:06:05.764123+01:00 N5550 rsyslogd: warning: selector line without actions will be discarded
2018-02-01T20:06:05.764206+01:00 N5550 rsyslogd: the last error occured in /raid/data/module/rSyslog/system/etc/rsyslog.conf, line 11:"$IncludeConfig /raid/data/module/rSyslog/system/etc/rsyslog-user.conf"
2018-02-01T20:06:05.778092+01:00 N5550 rsyslogd-2124: CONFIG ERROR: could not interpret master config file '/raid/data/module/rSyslog/system/etc/rsyslog.conf'. [try ]

Did i missed something?

Thank you
Thecus N5550 OS 7
Disks: 5*4TB Raid5
Memory: 3GB

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