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CAN'T EXPAND A RAID6 7*6TB VOLUME (from a 7*4tb one)
On a recently built system (2016 most likely) ext4 128 strip size raid6 with 7*4tb.. I manually replaced one disc at a time with one with a bigger capacity. Eventually after many hours of rebuilt (actually arround 40 hours for each disk) I replaced all of them.. Now I havei 7*6tb raid 6 volume......which can't expand as ...there is no available space to do so while there are at least 7*1.6tb free...)  filesystem is ok  but expand doesn't work... Does this have to do with the 16tb limit? 7*4tb raid 6 is beyond 16tb but 7*6tb raid6 would give  27.5tb free..  I THOUGHT THAT 64BIT SYSTEMS DIDN'T HAVE THIS LIMIT...... I have already posted a ticket in e-support but one week passed and no one has answered it yet....
   ok something new to add.. Last  night my second  NAS (another 7510) just finished it's rebuilt from a 7*6tb raid 6 volume to a 7*8tb raid 6  one (same procedure followed as in the above case ...with the sole difference of 8tb disks replacing 6tb instead of 4tb). Afterwards it went to recover mode  finding the extra spce which is now 37tb (27tb before...). I believe than in this case the expand option will work properly...... It remains to be answered whith my first NAS  DIDN'T DO THE SAME...
Dear Sir,

Please download CONF.BIN and submit ticket from let our staff check for you, and following FAQ for your reference:

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