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change root password
A while ago I had my RAID rebuilt by Thecus support (they did a great job btw).
For that purpose I temporarily changed the root password for my N4200eco.
Afterwards I changed the root password again.
Recently I had to access my NAS with root and my newly set password was not accepted.
Today I tested some more. Changed the password via putty. Change was successfull and I could use it to log on.
However after a reboot of the device, the root password had changed again to the temporary password I had set for Thecus support.
I changed the root password via Webmin and again it was successfull. Could log on with the new password.
Until I restarted the device... the password was back on the temporary password...

I have the impression that something is not correct with access rights, permissions after the rebuild. 
I noticed kind of a similar issue with the configuration of my Transmission module. I'm able to change the location of the download folders, but after a restart of the module, they are back the way they were...

Anyone an idea where to look for a solution?
Did you tried to change the admin password through Thecus OS ? root password is the same as admin password.
[Image: linkedinbutton.jpg]
Download modules from my forum
I didn't try it that way as for my system root password is different from admin password used to log on to the Thecus OS admin page...

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