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Thecus Surveillance Center
Thecus Surveillance Center is announced as downloadable. But where? I can't find it on my NAS in the app center or on the website.
What OS version are you running on what NAS?
The Surveillance Center is available in the app center of ThecusOS 7.0 but no plans for OS5 or OS6 so far.
OS7. On N5550. Nothing to find in the app center.... Sad
I talked to our developers inhouse.
Sorry to disappoint you but so far, only the new models that are shipped with OS7 can use the surveillance center app. Sad
That includes the N2350, N4350, the N2810 and N5810 series, N4810 and some rackmounts like N4820, N4910, N12910, N12910SAS and N16910SAS.
The older NAS like your N5550 that can be upgraded from OS5 to OS7 can't use this app so far.
Bummer... Angry
Seems if you don't have a Celeron or above CPU you can't get it.

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