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N4810 New OS login error
Hi everyone,

I am wondering if somebody is able to give me a hand with something.

Since my last firmware update on the N4810 - my NAS has become inaccessible to Android applications on my Sony Smart TV as well as my WDHDTV media player - The N4810 is shown but it keeps on showing incorrect username / pw across multiple apps - I have reset these devices to no avail. I am unsure what to do next to resolve these issue. If someone can guide me through that would be great.

The login via internet interface works OK and i can access folders via windows. Not sure where to begin troubleshooting the problem. The thecus staff have not tried to help even after sending them multiple emails trying to get more information regarding the issue.

Could the TVs being using the now-deprecated version 1.0 SMB?

Check the Samba settings on the NAS.
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I cant isolate the issue, was hoping the router would just sort stuff out so upgraded the router but no avail. The issue really did arise when they changed the OS from OS6 to OS7.
So the problem is when the WDHDTV tries to access the N4810 via network share (I think it is using the smb protocol) - it asks for a username / password and the one to login to the N4810 doesnt work. Some people have suggested its the username password of local users setup in N4810 that the WDHDTV is asking for, but they dont work either. One user that has been added is the nsfnobody. Not sure if this is creating issues. I cannot delete it and not sure how it got placed under Local account > Users

So not sure if some settings of SMB need to be changed, or where the problem is coming from

Same issue with VLC - its just not seeing any files over SMB in the N4810 thecus NAS

This wasn't a problem until the OS got upgraded.

Any advice would be really helpful!
On latest firmware the minimum Samba protocol is set to 2 to solve some critical security issues. You can try to change this to LANMAN1. Unfortunately not all devices work yet with the new protocol, specially the old one
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