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[solved] [N5200pro] freeze in rebuilt raid
Bonjour, Hi

N5200 PRO (v 2.00.15 ) 

- no answer to ping, verif = lcd frozen >> reboot = ok = rebuild raid in progress >> 30 minutes after again freeze !! The NAS no longer responds.
- reboot without disks = self-testing + booting ... infinite (the boot does not end like habitual )

I just put the discs back after letting off a moment = ok
- self testing + booting = ok,="The system N5200 is recovering the RAID and rebuilding is in progress"
>> again 30 minutes after = NAS frozen

I would like to know:
- if it is a problem HW (DOM or power ... etc)
- it appears a "!" On the LCD: an idea? (picture I attach)

It seem a alim or HW problem... 

- pas de réponse ping, verif = lcd figé >> reboot = ok = rebuild raid en cours mais 30 minutes après de nouveau figé !! le nas ne répond plus.
- reboot sans disques = self-testing + booting...infini ( le boot ne se termine pas) 

Je viens de remettre les disques après avoir laissé  éteint un moment= ok
- self testing + booting = ok, en ce moment "The system N5200 is recovering the RAID and rebuilding is in progress"
>> de nouveau 30 minutes aprés = NAS figé

Je souhaite savoir:
- si c'est un probleme HW (DOM ou alim...etc)
- il apparait un "!" sur le LCD: un idée? (voir image)

[Image: mini_979779IMG08291.jpg]

Remerciements pour votre aide.
Dear Sir,

Seem this N5200 should have some issue already, and N5200 should over 8 years old, also following FAQ for your reference:
Thank you Yvon,
Do you know what this symbol mean: "!" ??  (see picture in lcd panel)
best Regards
Dear Sir,

Follwoing FAQ about "!" from LCM for your reference:
Thank you very much Yvon !!

- "!" =
The HBT log "!" on upper right corner of N5200/1U4500's LCD does not mean anything, it can be removed by press [ESC] button and then keep pressing both [▼]+[←┘] buttons at the same time.

-At this time my NAS come back :--)))) I unplugged the power cable many hours and it left again by itself ...


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