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OS7 functionality
Hi there,

I´ve been around for a few years with Thecus and was quit satisfied with hard & software. OS7 has some features which are relevant and important to me, so I´ve upgraded to the newest version (3.02.02.cdv).

After initial setup, factory reset, rebuild of the whole raid-set with a raid5 and btrfs I´ve copied all files back. And there the problems started.

I´m a MAC user and use therefore AFP. But the service keeps on "failing" now and then. Furthermore Apps like OwnCloud or Plex_OM are also failing without any noticable issue. Also reboot of the Unit is not working in 50% of the cases. And scheduled poweroff or poweron functions are also not working as the unit is running 24/7 even though it should shutdown in the night. And the unit keeps on swapping. I´m using 5 modules (owncloud, plex_om, ubiquity controller, AFP, timemachine) and the unit keeps on swapping.


Are these known issues?
And why did you pull OS7 from the Firmware site of the N5550 Unit?


Thecus N5550
Processor : D2550 @ 1,86 GHz
Memory : Corsair 2 x 2 GB RAM
DIsks : 5 x 3 TB WD RED RAID5
OS7 : 3.02.02.cdv
Modules : enough Smile

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