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HELP PLS - new os auto update - cannot write to hdd's anymore???

My 5810PRO is set to auto update for major software releases. It was working perfectly until the recent software update that updated it - looks like it was earlier today.

System starts to upgrade firmware from [] to [3.02.02].
System has been upgraded successfully to [3.02.02].

Since this update, I am unable to copy any files to the HDD's. The RAID says healthy, but I cannot access any of the disks in the RAID to see their status. There's no disk errors in the log, nor is there disk errors on the machine.

I cannot however access any of the disks anymore under disk security in the RAID settings - it's greyed out. Busy running block scans on each of the HDD's to see if there's any errors.

How do I fix this - I can access the folders and files, but not write/copy to them any longer??? Angry Angry Angry
Dear Sir,

Would you please download CONF.BIN and submit ticket form let we check for you? The CONF.BIN let we check the NAS condition. It can be downloaded from [CONTROL PANEL->FIRMWARE SETTING->CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT] and then press [BACKUP] button.

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