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Expand your Mac Ecosystem with Thecus NAS
Thecus NASes are engineered to provide flawless synergy with Apple products. For those of you who work in or operate your home systems in a Mac environment, Thecus NAS can help expand and centralize your Mac infrastructure. Whether you want to strengthen collaboration in the office, increase security or need more space, Thecus has you covered.

Centralize your Mac ecosystem
Thecus NASes offer a central hub for your digital information. This centralization of your information enables fast and easy access, sharing and saving of files. Accelerate effective collaboration in the workplace and better connectivity to all your Mac IoT devices at home. 

Back up files to your Thecus NAS with Time Machine
Time Machine is a simple backup software application that is installed on every Mac; allowing users to automatically backup their entire Mac to an external source. ThecusOS 7.0 includes built-in support for Time Machine, enabling you to leverage the huge storage capacity of a Thecus NAS. Whenever the need arises, users can simply go back in time and recover their files effortlessly.

Your new iTunes server
Owners of immense audio libraries, there is absolutely no need to slim down your treasured collection of songs, audiobooks, and podcasts you’ve collected over the years. Entrust your Thecus NAS as your new iTunes Server. Save, share and enjoy your collection music wherever you are, freeing up your Mac for other applications.
and when it comes for N10850?
10 Days later... no Answer... Thecus are still the best.. *irony*
(07-21-2017, 10:00 PM)Massaguana2 Wrote: 10 Days later... no Answer... Thecus are still the best.. *irony*

Hi Massaguana22. What specific feature set are you looking for?

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