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Clarification: V2.06.02.10 Update
Can I please get some clarification of what this means? I use Samba to connect to multiple Windows, Android and Linux devices.

- Force disabled the SMB1 & configured SMB2 as default for SAMBA security concern. System force disable SMB1, if your client devices unsupported SMB2 would re-enable the SMB1, you may re-enable from NAS ADMIN WEB page: HOME -> NETWORK SERVICE -> SAMBA/CIFS -> SMB Min Protocol -> LANMAN1.
If you install this new firmware the SAMBA protocol is set to minimum SMB2. Some devices may not communicatie with this newer protocol. In that case you can set it manually back to SMB1 (LANMAN1) as instructed.
SMB2/3 is faster and gives you more secure connection. So this is preferred.

N5550 with 5* WD20EFRX RAID5 and APC UPS
Memory: 2Gb (original) + 2 Gb = 4003 Mb available
Firmware v2.06.01.cdv - OS5
Thanks, turns out only Windows 10 supports the new default.
(06-25-2017, 10:48 AM)mattspew Wrote: Thanks, turns out only Windows 10 supports the new default.

I don't agree with you here. The SMB2 protocol was shipped with Windows Server 2008 / Vista so all Microsoft Operating Systems currently in support (perhaps excluding a certain XP-based embedded family) will support it. Instead I reckon we need to look at adjusting some settings if this doesn't work 'out of the box'.
the maximum number of local users remained unchanged? is it always 300?
Dear Sir,

Yes, local account support up to 300.

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