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WOL failure
Hi, I can't seem to get WOL to work Sad I use WOL from a pfsense firewall, which works fine waking any other device.  Just not my Thecus N5500.

Here is a screenshot of the WOL config (labels have been missing from certain menu items since many firmware revisions ago):

[Image: wol.JPG]

I've toggled to Disabled and back to Enabled, yet a magic packet doesn't seem to wake it up should the power go out (which it does from time to time in our area).  When the power comes back up, I try to wake the NAS with a magic packet, but it stays off.

I've configured link aggregation for the two NIC's, if that matters at all.

Many thanks
Dear Sir,

Following suggestion for your reference:
1. Disable the link aggregation to simplify environment.
2. Keep AC standby power available.
3. Ensure your PC/laptop & NAS under same switch and:

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