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Stop free support for 3rd party modules :(
well will be talking to leadercomputer systems about this advising them i will not be buying any more its almost a joke and people are seeing this with the lack support i was not having ago at you outkastm i totaly cheesed off they wont support any third party person whos doing modules its a realy sad thing to see
Hi Outkastm... I will do what I can to have a talk w/ Thecus. Of course no expectations.

I'm glad to pay a little for updates etc. I hope this works out ok for you... AND especially your family!
ordered my new qnap today icore 5 16 gig ram ddr4 2700 bucks wish everyoner the best of luck and thankx for your hard work outkasam
wish you too all the best, thx
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OutkastM, you are the only reason I keep hanging on to my Thecus NAS's. If Thecus is smart they will reconsider giving you a developer contract. You are one of a kind when it comes to the effort you put in supporting all the modules you maintain. Will definitely donate to you again and fully understand and back-up your decision. Keep up the good work please.

Warm regards and best of wishes to you and your family,
Thanks for your support and best wishes for you and your family.
I will try to continue these developments as much as i can...with my limited time
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Hi all,
I'm a French Thecus customer since 2008 and I'm very disappointed with their 3rd party developers policy as well. After our French friend Qoolbox who went to the competition, and all main developers stopping the support, I don't understand why they don't understand that 3rd party support / modules support has become a key buying factor.
Same as you guys, I will consider the competition the next time I'll need to make a NAS related decision.
Sad, the products were quite OK.
hi @outkastm

From what I understand, you took over the work of both Qoolbox and Fajo? THANK YOU

Over time, everyone gets a family and less time to develop things for the community, not mentioning the hosting costs. I understand why I need to pay.

However, what about a free solution based of Owncloud or something like that? A cloud that every third party downloader would agree to host on their own NAS so the load could be somewhat distributed?
Feasible? Idiotic?

Let me know what you think Smile
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2*4GB Corsair CMSO8GX3M2A1333C9 = 8GB RAM
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Well, hosting is not really a big problem, let's say 10 euros a month. The big issues is the time spent to develop all this modules. Sometimes to compile a module it take days. As long as Thecus is not supporting me i had to ask for these donations, which help a bit to keep my enthusiasm to go forward but belive me, it will not cover even 5 procent of my time spent. If somebody have time and is willing to take over some of this modules, i will gladly remove them from my forum.
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