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Workaround for MACOS connector issue?
I have a W2000 I use as a home server, with a mixed mac and windows client environment.

The mac connector for WSSE2012 does not support El Capitan or Sierra, I beleive. it reports an incompatibility.

a) Microsoft has no plans to support current/future macos versions with WSSE2012
b) Thecus has no plans to support WSSE2016 (because the "E" is not offered by Microsoft).

I'm dumb enough to keep trusting microsfot, having been abandoned by WHS and WHS2011 already,a nd now WSSE2012. bad on me.

Anyway, is there a workaround?

Thanks (most likely for nothing?),

Dear Sir,

As you know it is made from Microsoft and believe MAC won't like under WSS/WSSE control, and hople following link able to help you:

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