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N4310 icon appears often an "X" network problem
I configured a Thecus N4310 in RAID 10, static IP, and connected and networked.
I mapped drive on each PC.
It is not always accessible by opening the connection, the icon appears often an "X", and after it is clicked, it is necessary to wait a minute or more before it opens the folder of the NAS. Is there any parameter that I need to configure?
Dear Sir,

The waiting could be cause from HDD spin down for power saving, thus please assist us try on following options to ensure it is cause from HDD spin down:
1. Via IP to access NAS folder first, since able to browser folder & NAS, then try from network driver.
2. Login NAS ADMIN WEB page to check HDD SMART from HDD info, or log on NAS via FTP since able to broswer NAS folder & files.

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