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Hello everyone

I am new to Thecus forums and unsure whether this is the place to host a query?
I have a N4810 with 4 bays - One is for downloads and also has the NAS PUBLIC Folder.
I am just wondering if there is a way to backup all my apps (just to another one of the HDDs +- online) so in case the HDD fails I can just put all the stuff onto a new HDD with all the apps and more importantly the settings intact.

Well, on Tutorial normally you post some information with other user like How to.....
About your questions:
- backup "module" folder from this location : /raid/data/module (that is the location where the modules are installed)
- backup "MOD_CONFIG" folder from this location : /raid/data/MOD_CONFIG (some of the modules store their configuration here)

For backup you can use a module like CrashPlan
[Image: linkedinbutton.jpg]
Download modules from my forum
-Thanks Outkast not just for the app releases but your kind advice. Will keep in mind not to post here.
-So if I just back those folders up and then copy paste onto a new HDD in case of current HDD failure then all my apps with their current settings would simply be reinstated?? Because downloading packages and setting them up eg sickbeard/sabnzbd/ffmpeg/plex is quite time consuming


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