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Thecus® Soars Over Competition at the Taiwan Excellence Awards
At the end of February the award ceremony for the annual Taiwan Excellence Awards took place. Thousands of products were judged by 90 experts in different fields. The award winners represented superior value and innovation shown in R&D, design, quality, and marketing of products made in Taiwan.

John Tsai, the VP of Marketing represented Thecus on this prestigious night, as Thecus was honored and awarded twice by the Taiwan Excellence Awards. “With such a large success at this year’s Taiwan Excellence Awards, Thecus’ brand recognition in the network attached storage industry has reached new a pinnacle and further bolsters Thecus’ reputation of world-class product manufacturing quality and marketing capabilities,” stated John Tsai.

Thecus was recognized at the Taiwan Excellence Awards for the N2810PRO and N5810PRO. Both devices are shining examples of the trusted hardware design and data protection functionality that Thecus has to deliver the market.

The Taiwan Excellence Award is the highest achievement presented to Taiwanese manufacturers by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)

The N2810PRO is a high performance 2-bay NAS for the home and small office user. It delivers on hardware that simply out powers its rivals.

This NAS provides the ideal environment for immersive multimedia entertainment, with 4K resolution playback it also debuts a new arsenal of output alternatives to fulfill user's visual and audio desires, with HDMI output, DisplayPort output, and built-in SPDIF output.
Designed for data-heavy small and medium businesses, the N5810PRO is a crash-resistant 5-bay NAS, that contains a built-in Mini-UPS for a contingency power supply to maintain data availability in the event of power failure. Thecus has its own patent for the Mini-UPS, which is unique in the industry.

For improved network performance, the server is embedded with five Ethernet ports and seven modes of link aggregation, including fault tolerance for resilience and port-trunking to enable throughput.
We would like to thank the judges of the Taiwan Excellence Awards for their recognition of Thecus.


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