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Thecus® Launches New 4-Bay Rackmount N4910U PRO NAS Series
Thecus Technology Corp. last week announced their latest 4-bay N4910U PRO NAS series to the market. These versatile and compact 1U Rackmount units have been designed to deliver growing small and medium-sized businesses uncompromising resilience and high multi-thread performance in their storage.

“Today, small and large businesses alike require more robust and highly dependable storage that can support high workloads and heavy user-access. The new N4910U PRO series delivers powerful performance and stalwart reliability while retaining a highly competitive value proposition.” says Florence Shih, General Manager at Thecus Technology Corp.

The N4910U PRO series are powered by the Intel® Skylake Xeon 3.3GHz Quad Core Server CPU, 8GB of resilient DDR4 ECC RAM, upgradable to 64GB and are compatible with the latest high capacity SATA drives and SSDs on the market. They especially cater for heavy multi-threading applications.

Both models are capable of storing up to 40 TB of networked storage spaceand can be upgraded with Dual-Port-10GbE network cards such as the Thecus C10GI540T2, enabling lightening fast transfer rates.

The N4910U PRO series include two versions of this model. The N4910U PRO-S has a single standard built in power supply unit, alternatively the N4910U PRO-R offers a redundant power supply.

The N4910U PRO series offers complete data backup and protection capabilities: Thin provisioning, replication for disaster recovery, snapshot technology (Btrfs only), Data Guard for disaster recovery (for real-time remote or local backup) as well as backup to cloud services including DropBox, ElephantDrive, and Amazon S3.  It comes bundled with both Acronis True Image and Intel Security for uncompromising data security.

Running the latest ThecusOS 7.0, the N4910U PRO series offers a large suite of capabilities and supports a vast amount of 3rd party solution apps as well as complete Scale Out functionality. With Scale Out, businesses can avoid costly revamps of their data centers by flexibly adding additional NAS devices to expand storage capacity.

The N4910U PRO Series offers robust, rapid and reliable SMB/Enterprise storage solutions which further deliver on Thecus’ ethos of ‘empowering professionals'.

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